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"Humans only fear what they do not know and what they avoid they will soon misjudge.“ 

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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about Polar Lights Awareness

Polar Lights Awareness is an educational project for all areas that deal with mental health. By openly addressing mental illnesses and deficits in mental health, the project aims to contribute to destigmatization and education. 

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In a group or a pack, you are strong.  And so it is with all things related to Mental Health. As much as illnesses and problems make you think that no one understands you; leaving you feeling alone, be sure...


the pack

Every Howl Counts
Wise Words
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Mental Health and mental illness are rarely discussed in any school or home. I would like to change this in the future and develop a curriculum for project days that give space for the most important topics.

The future generations should be aware of the first signs and realize that it is not a bad thing to talk about it when you are not well.

If Polar Lights Awareness has helped you, feel free to write me. I am looking forward to your feedback! 

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