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Mental Health education
in Schools

project day implementation 


next steps

It emerges from the interviews that mental health and mental illnesses are hardly ever dealt with in the classroom. At the same time, these topics are rarely addressed at home. The fact that early signs are not recognized, helplessness prevails or symptoms are kept secret seems to be a natural consequence. In Germany, there are only a few campaigns that try to provide preventive education in this area at school. Why are there "Don't Smoke" project days, but one of the most common causes of death among young people receives no attention at all? 


In the future, there should be 1-2 school days that allow space to talk about mental illness and clarify unanswered questions. Completely without taboo!  


I have already collected a few rough points for the course of the project:


  • Funding [current phase]

  • Acquisition of project partners

  • Target groups and needs assessment

  • Development of teaching and learning materials

  • Testing of the project days in schools

  • Evaluation

  • Adaptation to other countries

  • Dissemination of the concept in different languages

Like almost everything in life, the development of a concept and the following testing costs money. Especially for travel expenses, printing costs and workload, a lot of donations are needed. If you want to support me, please click on the donate button.

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why me?

My professional career at least gives me the necessary qualifications. I am a graduated nurse (for the most part in a psychiatry), I have studied vocational education in health care and I worked a semester in a psychiatric day clinic. I know how to deal with teenage clients from my work as a first aid trainer.


In addition, I can also present the perspective of an affected person on a personal level and thus possibly explain more vividly how certain illnesses affect life. I have therapy experience myself and can answer questions about it.


A small part of me surely hopes for a therapeutic effect for myself. I have been out of my job for a while now and have problems focusing and motivating myself. Working at my own pace - on something that is very close to my heart - may get me back on track. 


And...if not me, who else? If you want something to change, you have to do something yourself! 

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