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Polar Lights Awareness is an educational campaign for all areas related to mental health. By openly addressing mental illness and mental health problems, the project aims to destigmatize and educate. The more personal stories that are told, the higher the chance that they will reach someone suffering, who will feel less alone as a result or have the courage to seek help, in line with the motto: Every howl counts. At the same time, it increases the likelihood that someone without own experience with the topic will be able to understand it better.


After the first year of the project, I consciously decided to put the scientific side of the topic on hold. There are already an incredible number of sites that list detailed information about clinical pictures, diagnostics, therapy, etc.. If you are interested in the topic and want to talk about it, you will find the right sources. So the first thing is to create space and interest for the topic.

Mental Health concerns us all. Mental illness can affect anyone. At any age, regardless of gender, nationality, skin color, political attitude, religion or social class. It is an issue for all human beings. For YOU too!

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My name is Anke. I am a graduated nurse and studied vocational education in healthcare. In my sparetime I like to go to the cinema, watch series and movies, meet friends, write stories, attend conventions and spend time with my family and the dogs.

Until this point this is an ordinary introduction. In the end, these are facts from my life, but I usually skip part of my everyday struggle. A crucial part that affects me every day.

I have been diagnosed with dysthymia and depressive episodes. I am accompanied by social fears and eating disorders in everything I do. Symptoms may flash to the surface every now and then, but the diseases are invisible, but that doesn't change their existence!



get to know the partners in my pack who run alongside my efforts and support the cause

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